Duchess Camilla to meet Tim Peake

Britain’s Duchess Camilla has asked to meet Tim Peake.
The 68-year-old royal – the wife of Prince Charles – has written to the British astronaut, who has just returned to Earth following six months in space, to ask him if he’ll talk to her about how his time on the International Space Station could benefit people suffering with osteoporosis.
Taking pen to paper on June 16, the duchess – who is the President of the National Osteoporosis Society – wrote: “I am interested to know how your bones have stood up to space travel, as I understand that astronauts lost 10 per cent of their bone density over six months. I have been told that you will return home with invaluable research and data. It would be very interesting to know if what you learn could help change the lives of osteoporosis sufferers here on Earth.
“I look forward to having a chance to talk to you about your findings and hearing more about your experiences once you have landed.”
Tim – who received the Most Distinguished Order of St Michael and St George for extraordinary service beyond our planet in the Queen’s Birthday Honours – replied to the duchess prior to his return over the weekend, writing: “I look forward to sharing what we are learning on my return.
“Contributing to scientific research on the International Space Station to benefit people on Earth has been an incredibly fulfilling part of this mission. I look forward to sharing what we are learning on my return.”