Princess Anne celebrates Dorothy House’s 40th birthday

Princess Anne was invited to celebrate the 40th birthday of Dorothy House Hospice in Winsley on Tuesday (21.06.16).
The 65-year-old royal – the daughter of Queen Elizabeth – stopped by the hospice’s head quarters in Wiltshire, England, to join in the festivities of its impressive milestone.
The princess – who has supported the hospice since 1987 – arrived at the grounds just before 12:30 via helicopter where she was greeted by patients, carers and volunteers.
She was then treated to a tour of the birthday exhibition before holding a meeting in the party to address the guests.
Speaking at the garden party, according to the Wiltshire Times Online, she said: “It is a pleasure to join you and it is entirely appropriate you should celebrate 40 years of pioneering activity.
“I do not think there will be any doubt that what you offer in terms of quality of care and support will always be needed. This is an opportunity to thank you.
“It has been a pleasure to be part of that journey and I hope I will be there to see many of the changes you go through.
“But it is even better to see you celebrate and admire the importance of what you have done and the extraordinary levels of support you have created so I thank you all for coming.”