Prince Andrew’s 5k helicopter jaunt

Britain’s Prince Andrew spent £5,000 on a helicopter ride to play golf.
The son of Britain’s Queen Elizabeth chartered the taxpayer-funded helicopter to take him and president of the World Bank Jim Yong Kim from Andrew’s home in Windsor Great Park to the Royal Cinque Ports Golf Club in Deal so they could play a round of golf on Sunday (03.07.16), the Daily Mail reports.
The publication adds that the aircraft is one of two for Royal Family travelling to official engagements.
However, Andrew had no other official engagements that day.
Meanwhile, it was claimed in March that Andrew “rammed open” a gate at Windsor Great Park to avoid a one-mile detour, causing considerable damage.
The incident is said to have happened when the 56-year-old royal drove down a road restricted by gates. When the sensors didn’t work, he allegedly smashed his £80,00 Range Rover into the gates to force them open.
A park worker told The Sun: “It was a crazy thing to do and we are jokingly calling it ‘ParkGate’. But seriously, he has a bit of a reputation for roaring around like Toad of Toad Hall and he seems to think he can do what he likes.
“The gate stops deer roaming and the Prince uses it as a short cut. For some reason the sensors didn’t work. Instead of going a mile out of his way, he just decided to ram it open.”