Mike Tindall wants more children

Mike Tindall wants more children.
The 37-year-old sportsman – who has two-year-old daughter Mia Grace with Zara Phillips, the eldest daughter of Princess Anne – would love to add to his family one day.
He shared: “In the long run yes [I would like more kids], but I’m not sure when that will happen …
“I don’t think there’s one best part [about being a dad]. It’s just great, full stop, it’s a lot of fun. Mia has got bundles of energy.
And the rugby player has revealed his daughter loves being outside and hopes she will turn to sports one day too like himself and Zara, who is an equestrian.
He added: “Mia is always out and about. Where we live is an outdoor lifestyle. I’d love her to be sporty but if it’s not her thing she’ll make those decisions. We’re there to support her in whatever she decides to do. I’d love her to play golf, it would give me a reason to go to the driving range.”
And being an avid golf fan himself, Mike has revealed his favourite part of the sport is its “competitive” nature.
He told the new issue of OK! magazine: “It’s the competitive side of golf, even when you’re retired like I am now – it’s still that competition. There’s the infuriating side, too – it can be great one minute, terrible the next. But you only have to hit one perfect shot and you’ll come back and play again – it just sucks you in, I love it. I get obsessed with it and I challenge myself to get better. It can be therapeutic but it can also make you angry.”