Queen Elizabeth’s temporary lodgings

Queen Elizabeth has been living in a guest house on the Balmoral estate.
The 90-year-old royal has been residing at one of the houses in the grounds of her Scottish estate rather than the castle so it can stay open to the public and earn money to fund its £3 million running costs.
A courtier told the Daily Mail newspaper: “The Queen is prepared to make sacrifices in order to keep costs down.”
The Queen and her husband Prince Philip have been living at the seven-bedroom Craigowan Lodge, which is a mile from the castle, and is normally used for visiting guests.
The castle was open to the public until Sunday (31.07.16) but now the Queen has been able to move back into her usual abode.
Meanwhile, it was previously claimed that the monarch is “most relaxed” when at Balmoral.
Sir Kenneth Scott, who worked as the Queen’s personal secretary until 1996, shared: “Balmoral is where she can be at her most relaxed. She stays there until the beginning of October, when she returns to London. She rides in the mornings, drives round the estate to visit tenants, and even goes into the neighboring town, Ballater, from time to time to do some shopping. Once, in a Ballater shop, she met another customer, who said, ‘You look just like the Queen!,’ to which Her Majesty replied, ‘How very reassuring!’
“At Balmoral and at Sandringham she likes to take her guests, including bemused prime ministers, for picnic suppers in a log cabin on the estate. The Duke of Edinburgh cooks the barbecue, and the Queen lays the table and helps clean up afterward.”