Queen Elizabeth as Aladdin

Queen Elizabeth once starred as the titular role in a production of ‘Aladdin’.
The 90-year-old monarch took part in the pantomime over the festive period in 1943 alongside her sister Princess Margaret, and her costume from the spectacle is set to go on display.
The silk tunic and trousers worn by the royal, who was known as Princess Elizabeth at the time, is to be exhibited at Windsor Castle from September 17.
Elizabeth and Margaret lived in the grounds of the castle during this time at the Royal Lodge.
According to the Royal Collection, the pair helped to make their costumes for the play, with Margaret starring as Princess Roxana.
She wore a silk jacket and dress for her portrayal, which took place at castle’s Waterloo Chamber.
Elizabeth was just 17 when the pantomime performance took place during World War II and they starred in such productions from 1941 to 1944.
The events raised money for the Royal Household Wool Fund, which went towards knitting wool for comforters for soldiers who were battling it out on the front line.
Several other of Elizabeth’s outfits are being displayed at the exhibition, and some of her clothing is being shown off at Buckingham Palace and the Palace of Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh.