Royal Visit to Canada: Prince William’s Baby Jokes

Prince William joked about baby poop during an official engagement on Sunday (25.09.16).

The 34-year-old royal and his wife Duchess Catherine—who have children Prince George, three, and Princess Charlotte, 16 months, together—visited Sheway Pregnancy Outreach Program, a charity which helps mothers overcome addiction, in Vancouver, and three-month-old baby Hunter had to greet the couple in just a nappy and blanket after relieving himself just moments before he and his mother Jordanna Coleman met the special guests.

Jordanna told People magazine: “Hunter had a royal poop just as they were coming to meet us. Will was like, ‘Oh, they always have the best timing, don’t they?'”

The couple were gifted teddies with customised red and black vests for their children—who remained at Government House in Victoria—by the organisation.

Catherine said: “Thank you so much, Charlotte will love this, she loves her teddies.”

William added: “George too, he’s a big fan, thank you so much.”

He then complimented the youngsters who had taken part in the session.

He said: “You’re all such well behaved children. I’m so impressed!”

Elsewhere on a busy day of royal engagements, the Canadian women’s rugby team poked fun at the prince over their victory over England to take the bronze medal at the recent Rio Olympics.

William spoke to the sportswomen at the Telhus Garden building and couldn’t fail to spot the medals dangling from their necks.

One of the captains. Ghislaine Landry, said afterwards: “He played rugby as a younger person so he brought up that and asked how the Olympics were and our experiences…I think beating Great Britain in the bronze was maybe a little too much for him so that was the main joke of the conversation.The Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, brought it up at first so [William] just had to bow his head a little bit, but it’s all in good sportsmanship of course. But Olympic medals are pretty hard to come by and he obviously recognised the work and the time that went into that.”