The Staggering Cost of Prince William’s Trip to Canada

Prince William and Duchess Catherine’s Canada visit cost $855,600 CAD (£506,000).
According to VICE News, which obtained the figures through an access to information request, the royal couple, who were accompanied by son Prince George, three, and 18-month-old daughter Princess Charlotte, ran up a hospitality bill of $13,000 CAD (Canadian Dollars) among other expenses.
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau gifted the pair $500 but the list does not state what exactly he gave them, and he announced on the final day of their tour that the government were giving $100,000 to be divided between Prince’s Charities Canada and the Immigrant Services Society of British Columbia.
Among other costs were $20,000 on an official photographer, and the same estimated amount on a media room, during their visit in September.
Staff accommodation cost around $40,000 and Department of National Defence drivers were priced
at $10,000, while they also forked out $5,000 on a photo album and group photos.
One of the main expenses was on a trip that the pair didn’t even go on.
Royal staff went on three jaunts to Canada before William, Catherine, George and Charlotte visited, costing $116,300, $39,000, and $5,150 each.
One of William and Catherine’s biggest single expenses was a sea plane for two journeys from Victoria costing $50,000.