Prince William helps launch homeless helpline

Prince William has called on the British public to help young homeless people.
The 34-year-old royal was speaking at the launch of a new campaign by The Independent newspaper and charity Centrepoint, Christmas Appeal, which today (21.11.16) launched a new helpline to help youngsters living on the streets in extreme poverty.
William said it’s important that these vulnerable youngsters are not just given somewhere to stay, but are educated.
William, who is a patron of Centrepoint, said: “Ending youth homelessness not just about putting a roof over someone’s head.
“It’s about teaching a young person to read and write.
“It’s about helping them to live with the consequences of abuse and neglect. It’s about stopping people becoming homeless in the first place.
“As a society, we will have a duty to help out most vulnerable young people.”
He added: “You have the chance to save young lives.
“Over the past decade, I have met hundreds of courageous and inspiring young people trying to escape homelessness.
“Unfortunately, their courage alone is not enough.”
Together with the help of the Duke of Cambridge and the British people Centrepoint will be able to use the Centrepoint Young and Homeless Helpline to combat homelessness.
William added: “When a young person’s world falls apart, they have nowhere to go.
“This is why we are launching this Helpline in 2017.
Centrepoint Helpline will provide the information and support that vulnerable young people need before they become homeless.”