Did someone say road trip?

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Let the adventure begin. All you need is a car, the road and some good company. Check out our ideas for getting out there – and score CARP member-only savings.

Pack your bags and get out of town. CARP members save up to 25% off base rates.*

All you need to do is decide where to go. Here are five of our favorite ways to road trip in Canada and beyond:

  • Explore your hometown. When was the last time you played tourist at home? Cruise around and see if you can find something new.
  • Enjoy some quality family time. Load them up in any of our SUVs or minivans.
  • Take the scenic route through Florida. With hundreds of miles of beaches and more, just think of the things you’ll see.
  • Visit friends – all of them. Grab a Garmin® GPS** and plan the perfect route.
  • Check out Canada’s landmarks. Drive the Confederation Bridge or head to Niagara Falls. With a Budget car, getting there is half of the fun.

Wherever you’re headed, get going quicker with Fastbreak®. You’ll skip the lines and the paperwork so you can get on the road faster. The best part – it’s free.

Feeling adventurous now? Book your rental today using offer code (BCD) A668600 and save up to 25% off base rates on your next rental. Just remember to show your CARP membership card at the rental counter.

Get all the information at budget.com/carp. Or give us a call at 1-800-268-8900.