Add Greenland to your bucket list for 2016

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There are few places in the world as unique and spectacular as Greenland.

Shaped culturally and geographically by the ice cap that dominates it, Greenland has a fascinating history, dramatically rugged landscape and welcoming community. Polar bears, muskoxen, humpback whales, walruses, sea eagles and reindeer are common species on the Arctic island.

Greenland is one of the best places in the world to observe the spectacular Northern Lights. Quark’s new Greenland Northern Lights Fly/Cruise voyage transports you to this magical island of supernatural landscapes, warm pioneering people and dancing night sky.

Greenland is well-known for landscapes you won’t see anywhere else in the world, but visitors are also wowed by the richness of its history. The preservation of historical sites and artifacts, as well as the country’s culture, give visitors a unique opportunity to experience Greenland from past to present on their arctic cruise. Greenland is also home to Illulisat Icefjord (Ilulissat Kangerlua in Greenlandic), a designated UNESCO World Heritage site. This world-famous fjord runs from just south of the town of Illulisat, 40 km east to the Greenlandic ice sheet. During your Quark expedition you will have lots of free to time to Zodiac cruise or kayak amongst the glaciers, hike the many trails around Illulisat or visit the local communities under the midnight sun. Adventure awaits in this traditional town, where dogsleds still have the right of way.

Those seeking a bolder adventure will find that our new Arctic Icebreaker Expedition: Extreme Greenland provides a view of Greenland’s more rugged, less-traveled side via the eastern coastline, rather than the more frequently traveled western coast. Noted for being one of the most isolated areas in the world, northeastern Greenland could be considered the country’s ultimate adventure. Exploring the eastern coast includes navigation through “iceberg alley”, visiting its most northerly residents in Ittoqqortoormiit, and traveling to the southern tip, the area that received the first European settlers.

Arctic Express: Greenland’s Northern Lights (Fly North, Fly South)

10 days, Sept 6 and Sept 13, 2016 Departures from $5995 USD

For those short on time, the benefits of this expedition are many. You’ll witness the delights of the world’s largest fjord system of Scoresbysund, discover the fascinating Inuit settlements and people of Ittoqqortoormiit, and have the possibility of viewing some of the world’s most vivid displays of Northern Lights. As one of our more active adventures, you’ll have the chance to trek along the tundra and at Greenland National Park, climb mountains and watch grazing musk ox and other arctic wildlife on the horizon.

Arctic Express: Greenland’s Northern Lights (Fly North, Cruise South)

13 days, Sept 20, 2016, from $7995 USD  

The world’s largest fjord system of Scoresbysund, majestic Greenland National Park, the vivid display of Northern Lights, and the Inuit settlement and people of Ittoqqortoormiit combine to make this a picture-perfect, comprehensive expedition. Enjoy the arctic wilderness as it was centuries ago; untouched, vast and pure.

Greenland to Canada: Inuit, Icebergs, and Wildlife

13 days, Sept 12, 1016 from $6495 USD

An exploration of historic Canadian and Greenlandic sites in the Arctic, combined with abundant wildlife and Inuit culture equals one amazing Arctic expedition. This in-depth adventure provides fantastic opportunities for seeing all of the Arctic’s iconic creatures, including polar bears.

Arctic Icebreaker Expedition: Extreme Greenland

21 days, Aug. 4, 2016 , from $23,495 USD

Northeast Greenland is one of the most isolated regions in the world. The lush tundra supports herds of musk oxen, and shore landings offer excellent hiking and photographic opportunities. Visit the remains of Thule camps, and enjoy the splendor of “iceberg alley” as you navigate past majestic icebergs. Get a glimpse into the lifestyle of the residents of Ittoqqortoormiit, the most northerly community in East Greenland. Sailing south to Tasiilaq, you will undoubtedly spend time in the bar, exchanging impressions of this awesome wilderness with fellow travelers.

Greenland is one of the only countries in the world where you can connect with such a wide variety and combination of historical and natural gifts. As you speak with local residents, partake in their customs and traditions, enjoy the works of talented artists and experience their way of life, you’ll pick up on the influence of their Thule and Viking ancestry. You’ll feel changed after leaving one of the least-traveled places on the planet.

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