Healthy Tips for Holiday Feasting

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Bring on the holiday feasting! Delicious winter meals start in the produce section with local Ontario fruits and veggies, and exotic seasonal treats like clementines, dates and pomegranates. These tips can help you indulge in the festivities with healthy goals in mind.

1. Munch merrily.

For crunchy party munching, serve Crispy Vegetable Chips made with locally grown beets, carrots and rutabaga. Bang on in flavour and gorgeous colour, they’re a healthier alternative to prepackaged chips.

2. Amp up your apples.

In addition to being low in calories and sugar, apples are packed with cellulose, which helps to control the appetite (willpower alone is tough with the season’s temptations!). Leave the skin on because it’s the richest in beneficial nutrients. These recipes give Ontario apples an A+:

Rolled Apple-Stuffed Turkey Breast

Apple Bruschetta

Apple and Beet Salad

3. Sample winter squash.

The stress of the season combined with overindulging can leave your immune system needing a boost. Squash is an excellent source of beta-carotene, an antioxidant that protects your body’s cells from damage. Make a batch of Spaghetti Squash Muffins for overnight guests—perfectly scrumptious for early risers and late-night snackers. Another stellar pick is Spicy Spaghetti Squash with Basil and Red Bell Peppers. Delish!

4. Better your holiday baking.

Adding fruit or vegetables to your sweet treats will make them more than just empty calories. Dates are rich in fibre and potassium, and provide vitamin B6, niacin, magnesium and iron. Date Squares are a sure-fire holiday hit. Here are some other favourite bakes:

Beet and Chocolate Torte

Apple Upside-Down Cake

Carrot Cake

5. Savour super soups.

Vegetable soups are the answer to simple, nourishing meals that leave you feeling full. And when you make them using local in-season veggies, they’re easier on your pocketbook too. Make a pot on the weekend for weeknights when you don’t have the time or energy to cook. Legumes like lentils, beans and peas are healthy additions of vegetarian protein. Try a different recipe each week:

Holiday parties tend to have heavier meats and cheeses. On your evenings at home, focus on lighter meals like fish with plenty of fresh, local vegetables. Our Maple-Marinated Salmon with Beet Salad and Grilled Leeks is this season’s must-make.

7. Metro is your holiday destination.

Metro helps makes healthy eating part of your life—during the holidays and all year long. Shop your local Metro store for fresh Ontario produce at its best and exquisite imported delights. Visit for delicious recipes and holiday entertaining tips to make special times with friends and family unforgettable.