Swim with sharks at Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada!

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Immerse yourself in a world of 16,000 aquatic animals and discover your own underwater adventure. The Aquarium features North America’s longest underwater viewing tunnel with more than 5.7 million litres of water and over 100 interactive opportunities. Get up close and personal with three touch exhibits featuring horseshoe crabs, sharks, and rays as well as daily dive shows every 2 hours.

This awe-inspiring attraction consists of nine carefully curated galleries showcasing a cross section of saltwater and freshwater environments from around the world – starting with species from Toronto’s backyard, the Great Lakes basin.

If you’ve ever wanted to swim with the sharks…now’s your chance! Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada’s new Discovery Dive program allows guests to get face to face with sharks, sea turtles, sawfish and more.

After a behind-the-scenes tour of the Aquarium’s life support systems, feeding and husbandry areas, certified divers are submerged into the water for a 30-minute guided tour of Dangerous Lagoon where they will have the opportunity to explore many different fish species along with magnificent tiger, sand and nurse sharks, moray eels, sawfish and sea turtles.

Please note you must be a certified diver, over the age of 16 and complete a medical waiver in order to be allowed to Dive. A maximum of two (2) guests per timeslot. Booked on a first come, first served basis. Price includes a behind the scenes tour, dive experience, admission to the Aquarium, souvenir items (towel, bag, strap wrap and more) and USB flash drive with photos of your experience. All gear is supplied, but guests may bring their own mask if they wish.

For less adventurous divers, Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada is also offering a new snorkeling experience in Ray Bay, which allows guests to swim among four species of stingrays and bonnethead sharks. This is an add-on to our current Stingray Experience packages.

Looking for an aquatic adventure, but not necessarily looking to get in the water? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada offers a variety of different programming opportunities and events that are sure to reel in your interest.

Friday Night Jazz takes you on a musical underwater adventure in the heart of downtown Toronto. Join us on the second Friday of every month for live music paired with cash bars located throughout the aquarium.

Embrace your colours and let your creativity flow in a vibrant underwater oasis! Join us for a Paint Nite® session at the aquarium located right in the heart of downtown Toronto. Led by an O-FISH-AL Paint Nite® instructor, create a marine-themed canvas painting while you sip on a drink! Need some aquatic inspiration? Swim on by before the 7pm start time and enjoy the colourful views of the underwater world.

You may not want to swim with sharks… But have you ever wanted to sleep with them? Join us for an unforgettable slumber party to remember! Our “Overnight Reef Adventure” sleepover program allows you to spend the evening exploring the Aquarium, participating in hands-on educational experiences and learning about the animals that call the Aquarium home. After a delicious bedtime snack, tuck into your sleeping bag for sweet dreams in the “Dangerous Lagoon” shark tunnel.

For more information, dive criteria and pricing regarding our NEW Discovery Dive program and all other programs, call 647-351-3474 x 2648 or visit https://www.ripleyaquariums.com/canada/programs/