Eyewear to Suit Your Needs

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Eyewear Function and Style – Kick it Up a Notch!

No one ever won a marathon in rain boots

Would you wear rain boots to run a marathon? How about high heels to play golf? Of course not! Wearing the right gear makes a difference in performance and comfort. You can apply that same logic when it comes to eyewear. We wear runners for running, and golf shoes for golfing for the same reasons we use cycling glasses for cycling or polarized lenses for fishing. Better results when and where it counts.

Figure out where you need to focus

We aren’t suggesting a different pair of glasses for every activity. Instead, look at how you spend your time. Do you golf twice a week or twice a year? Are you an avid reader or a theatre fanatic? Do fashion functions fill your calendar, or are you creating, crafting, building, or growing every spare moment?  Do you go for the occasional jog or are you committed to every other day workouts? Pick your most frequent activity and go from there!

The right frame with the right lenses

So how do you select the right eyewear?  Work with your eyecare professional. They understand the performance range of frames and lenses.  Based on your activities, they can explain your options. There is an amazing number of options available to meet your budget and lifestyle. The right lenses paired with a frame that meets your needs will have you enjoying your activities more than ever before.

Visit iris.ca or your local IRIS store to learn more about the best styles and brands for your lifestyle.

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