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Parkbridge is Canada’s leading owner, operator and developer of land lease communities for both retirees and families. We have been providing exceptional and attainable residential communities for Canadians since 1998, and currently own and operate over 115 communities across the country.

What is a land lease?

At Parkbridge, we often find that there is a general lack of knowledge and understanding of what exactly the land lease concept is. Have you ever been at cocktail party, BBQ, or family gathering trying to understand or explain the land lease concept to friends or family? We certainly have! So, we’ve come up with a brief description for the unfamiliar.

Land leasing is a form of home ownership that reduces the capital costs of buying a home. In the Parkbridge land lease model residents buy their homes, thus owning it outright, but lease the land from Parkbridge. 

What are the benefits of a Land Lease with Parkbridge?

Many of our customers continue to experience the benefits of our Live Smart Land Lease first hand. Here, we’ve compiled what we feel the five main benefits of land lease in a Parkbridge Community:

Affordability: You own your home, and you lease the land it’s on from Parkbridge. This is the key to the affordability of our offerings. You pay just for the home, not the lot it resides on. You’re free to do whatever you wish with the money you unlock from the sale of your current home, or the money you’re not paying the bank in big monthly mortgage payments that include the land. Plus, property taxes in our communities are often lower than those incurred by comparable freehold homes—helping to offset other monthly expenses.

Pride of Home Ownership: With the land lease model, owners enjoy private individual ownership of their homes. In a Parkbridge Community residents benefit through their pride of home ownership.

True Sense of Community: The Parkbridge land lease model of individual homes in walkable neighborhoods fosters a true sense of community and social connectivity. Many of our communities organize and facilitate a wealth of social activities for homeowners to participate in. At Parkbridge our homeowners enjoy their own private outdoor spaces for gardening, entertaining and recreation.

Location: If your Looking for a view of Lake Huron, wine tasting in Vineland, enjoying Georgian Bay or enjoying beautiful Kelowna, BC, Parkbridge has a community that fits your lifestyle. Parkbridge Communities are built to ensure you can enjoy all of surrounding amenities our communities offer, shopping, restaurants, golf, skiing, theatres, hiking trails and boating.

Parkbridge is your Partner: Land lease at Parkbridge means we remain involved in the community by providing professional management, amenities enhancement and specialized real estate services. At Parkbridge we remain a partner in the ongoing interest of the community and the protection of the homeowner’s investment.

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