YOUR perfect age IS NOW

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If your home hasn’t seen an update since your wedding china arrived, it may be time to ask whether your décor still fits your style. You’ve grown – and maybe your kids have, too – so it’s the perfect time for your living space to follow suit. And with a few simple updates and a quick cleanup, your home can be a better reflection of who you are now.

Get guest-ready

Now that your children have spread their wings, you can box up their trinkets and transform their room into an inviting guest bedroom. Jackie says, “To keep my home smelling fresh and guest-ready, I like to use Febreze AIR Linen & Sky. With just one spray, the OdourClear technology helps eliminate lingering odours instead of just masking them. Let the décor be the first thing your guests notice – not the smell!”

Jackie also recommends washing guestroom sheets with Tide PODS® Plus Downy. “They’re so easy to use,” she says. “Just throw one in with a smaller load, or two in for a larger load, and you’re good to go!” Then add a Bounce® Dryer Sheet to the dry cycle to infuse a fresh scent and reduce wrinkles and static in bed linens. You can also tuck a dryer sheet into stored bed linens to keep them smelling fresh after they’re washed. Guests will be impressed by how clean and soft their sheets are!

Keep it clean

Cleaning your home is much more manageable when you use the right tools and products! “Anyone who has invested in beautiful finished hardwood floors knows the importance of keeping them clean,” Jackie says. “I love a product like the Swiffer® WetJet® because it’s safe on finished hardwood and dries quickly. The ease of use is especially important as it enables me to clean and get on with the rest of my day!”