Benefits of Smartphone Apps

What’s an app you ask? Well, first off, “app” is an abbreviation for application. And, in the context of mobile devices, an app is a type of software that can be downloaded on a smartphone or tablet. One of the benefits of owning a smartphone or tablet is having access to many apps that provide convenient solutions for everyday experiences.

These apps can help you stay connected, keep your health in check, keep your body active and your mind engaged!

Here are 5 great apps you can install on any Android device for free:

1. Facebook
Facebook can keep you in the know of your friends and family‘s latest activities. Anyone can stay in touch by sharing pictures, videos and stories. It also has access to real-time messaging with a video calling feature if you choose to talk face to face with someone.

2. Mediasafe Meds

Not sure how to download apps?
Look for an app called Play Store on your Android device or App Store on your iPhone.

The app has features that help prevent you from missing your daily prescription. It allows you to set up reminders to take the right number of meds, supplements or vitamins at the proper time. It also alerts you when you need to refill your medicine.

3. Stretch Exercises
The app guides you through professionally designed and easily learned stretching routines that you can conveniently access anytime. Stretching can improve blood circulation, increase energy levels, alleviate backaches, strengthen muscles and help correct posture.

4. Instant Heart Rate
The app can measure your heart rate by placing the tip of your index finger on your phone’s camera. This technology can help you better monitor your health and even optimise your fitness workouts.

5. Lumosity
If you’re looking for ways to engage and exercise your brain muscles, download the Lumosity app. It offers fun brain training programs with daily workouts that challenge your memory and attention.

These are just some of the apps you can enjoy on a Smartphone. Apps can provide so much more:

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