Self-care in an little box

We often spend so much time and energy looking after others that at the end of the day we have nothing left in the tank for ourselves. It’s remarkably easy to slip into a pattern of self-neglect when people depend on you for so much. But as they say, you have to fill your own cup first: It’s only by nourishing yourself that you’re able to have the strength you need to help those around you.

New ways to better your life

Zoomer Magazine can help you fill up your cup in the most exciting way! We have partnered with Little Life Box, a Canadian family-owned company that offers boxes filled with nutritional and personal care products. Together we have created the Limited Edition Zoomer Little Life Box. Filled with $125 worth of healthy snacks, supplements and skincare products, it can be delivered right to your door – or to someone you love who could also use a little help in the self-care department – for just $49 including shipping.
“Our message: Little Life Box to the rescue!!” says Chelsea Brennan, the company’s co-founder. “We want to give Canadians an opportunity to discover new ways to better their lives. Our goal is to put healthy-choice products into their hands so they can discover what’s out there.”

The Limited Edition Zoomer Little Life Box is no exception! It’s packed with healthy products from A. Vogel, Burt’s Bees, Flexitol, and Clif Bar, among others. You’ll also get a free one-year subscription to Zoomer Magazine (or 9 additional issues if you already have a subscription).

Makes a perfect gift

This one little box will give you everything you need to help you shift some of your precious energy back onto yourself, and to nourish you, both body and soul.

The Zoomer Little Life Box launched on November 27 and will only be on sale until the end of February, or while supplies last. Make sure to order by December 12 for Christmas delivery!

Visit for more information and to order yours today!