Navigating In A New World After 60


The world is changing for retirees and seniors at a rapid pace. We anticipate that our golden years will be some of the best years of our life, and a time in our lives we can finally relax. But seniors have a number of challenges to overcome – and many specific to their age group including healthcare, physical aging, transportation, changing social climate, financial security and more.

Although adjusting to changes late in life can at times feel daunting and uncomfortable, there are always new and exciting services focused on making seniors lives that much easier. Here are some of our recent favourites – and go figure, from a bank!

How To Carry Cash – On The Road or At Home

Gone are the days of traveler’s cheques, money belts, undercover leg wallets and other cumbersome apparatuses designed to conceal your travel money and fend off pickpockets. With a single CIBC Air Canada® AC conversion™ Visa* Prepaid Card, you simply load online anytime, and carry up to 10 different currencies at once. Unlike credit cards that come with hefty transaction fees on foreign currency purchases, you simply spend like cash but with the convenience of a card. What’s more, your card can be used anywhere VISA is accepted and at ATMs worldwide. Not only can you lock-in favourable exchange rates before you travel, you’re protected by chip and PIN security with global emergency card replacement if lost or stolen.

Foreign Cash Made Easy

We know that our senior adventurers still need access to foreign cash for those day-to-day purchases when traveling like coffee, taxis, souvenirs and tips. Now you can skip the bank line and inflated rates from third party foreign currency providers. With CIBC, simply order your travel money online and enjoy free delivery to your home or a CIBC Banking Centre near you.

Sending Money Around The World

Whether you need to send money to family or friends abroad, make cross-border remittances for a business or to manage expenses of a home, say goodbye to inconvenient and costly wire transfers and hello to CIBC Global Money TransferTM. Now you can transfer money to over 50 countries including the United States, Europe, Australia, China, India and more – and all with zero transfer fee. Funds will be safely deposited in the recipient’s account in their local currency, and usually within one business day. What’s more, as a leading global bank based in Canada, CIBC provides competitive exchange rates on each and every transaction.

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