Sleep, Uninterrupted


Don’t let bladder leakage keep you up at night

The connection between sleep and overall brain health is undeniable. In fact, widely published research tells us it’s the gateway to our entire well-being. Sleep is also meant to be restorative. A good night’s sleep allows you to start each day rested and refreshed, allowing you to be the very best version of you. Poor sleep, on the other hand, makes it more difficult to face or even make it through the day. And nighttime sleeplessness is not uncommon, with StatsCan reporting that up to 35 per cent of women and 25 per cent1 of men experience difficulty falling or staying asleep.

The consequences of poor sleep can spill over into the daytime. Beyond the obvious of just feeling tired, the likelihood of irritability and even depression can increase with not enough sleep. Poor sleep can also affect memory, making it more difficult to concentrate, make decisions, focus on tasks, and can increase the risk of accidental injuries. More alarmingly, lack of sleep can also be associated with high blood pressure, weight gain, diabetes and a weaker immune system.

In fact, the National Sleep Foundation recommends adults get seven to nine hours of sleep per night and having a night free of disruption is considered essential to getting all the hours of sleep you need.

The reason for sleep problems among Canadians vary greatly; consuming caffeine, bright lights, work stress and electronic devices before bed can all affect your ability to sleep. Other nighttime interruptions such as temperature fluctuations or the need to visit the bathroom are at the top of the list of sleep-interrupters. In fact, according to the Canadian Continence Foundation, more than 3.3 million Canadians have some degree of bladder leakage2 which is known to disturb sleep.

In a recent survey, CARP members with bladder leakage described the ways in which their condition interfered with their sleep. Although many respondents described their condition as ‘not that serious,’ there were recurring complaints of not sleeping comfortably due to wet sheets or the fear an accident would happen near their partners. Respondents were frequently woken up with the sudden urge to go to the bathroom and if they weren’t wearing protection, they often experienced leaks before getting to the toilet, resulting in having to change their sheets or clothing in the middle of the night. As a result of disruptive sleep caused by bladder leakage, the respondents shared a common state of feeling ‘frequently tired, unmotivated and lacking energy’ due to bladder leakage at night.

No matter your reason for inadequate sleep, there are many expert-recommended strategies that can improve your sleep quality and overall health and well-being:

  • Establish a relaxing bedtime routine every night, such as reading a book or taking a bath
  • Follow a consistent schedule sleep schedule – set your alarm at the same time every morning and try to sleep around the same time every evening
  • Choose pillows and a mattress that feel comfortable to you
  • Make sure your room is dark and the temperature is cool (ideally between 60 – 67°F/15 – 20 °C
  • Avoid bright light and electronic gadgets before bedtime
  • Limit liquid consumption – especially caffeine and alcoholic beverages –  as they can irritate the bladder
  • Don’t eat a large meal right before bed

If you do have bladder leakage, a discreet product offering outstanding protection may ease your mind and allow you to sleep more soundly. You can maximize your comfort and peace of mind with a bladder leakage product like Depend® Night Defense® underwear for Women, a lightweight, heavy-protection underwear with more coverage area that is designed specifically for nighttime use. The snug, comfortable fit and super-absorbent core helps protect against leaks and odours so you can sleep soundly throughout the night and in any position. Another effective option is the Poise® Overnight PadsTM for women who experience light bladder leakage. Its unique shape is designed with a 75% wider back*, providing more coverage to help protect from leaks while lying down.

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By reducing nighttime interruptions and improving the quality of your sleep – and your waking hours – you’re improving your overall well-being. Visit for a free trial kit and coupons to discover how a better night’s sleep can transform the way you feel.

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vs. Depend® Fit-Flex® underwear
*vs. Poise® Ultimate regular pads

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