Your Legacy to Wildlife Can Define the Future for All Canadians


It defines who we are.

Canadians deeply value our wildlife and its natural habitat. It is our legacy.

The reality today

  • We have over 700 species at risk
  • Our wildlife habitat continues to be lost faster than we can restore it
  • Environmental pressures are worsening
  • Our environment, our economy and our culture are founded on our relationship with wildlife

The steps needed to protect our environment

  • Expand wildlife and environmental education to all Canadians of all age groups
  • Unite Canadians, empowering their voices to advocate governments
  • Harness the best science and on-the-ground action to conserve Canadian wildlife and its habitat

The role of Canadian Wildlife Federation

  • A 57-year history has engaged millions of Canadians to support conservation
  • The strongest advocacy voice and grass-roots educational programs in Canada
  • A record of phenomenal success of the best scientists to conserve the most at-risk species
  • A bold plan to unite millions of Canadians to get long-term results

How your legacy can change the future

Make this decisive act to conserve wildlife and its habitat as your gift to the future of Canada

Support the Canadian Wildlife Federation with your legacy gift

It defines your lasting statement on the importance of our natural world.


Jan Delman
Estate and Planned Giving Officer
[email protected] 1-877-599-5777 Ext.263