Top 6 Eyewear Trends for 2019


Fashion trends are cyclical. It’s no wonder people look at current styles and reminisce about their teenage years when they wore the identical sweater or shoes as what is currently in style. Eyewear trends for 2019 are made up of styles that stood the test of time. Although familiar shapes and styles are important for 2019, it is the addition of modern details, colours and mix of materials that make this year’s eyewear trends unique. Here are the top 6-eyewear trends you can expect to see this year:

Round Metal Frames
Whether you are a fan of John Lennon or not, you cannot deny that his iconic round metal frame glasses have become a classic eyewear style. This year, the round shape is larger but the thin metal frame remains the predominate feature that makes these glasses ageless.  Biggest change is the selection of metals and finishes from rose gold, gold, silver and black in matte and shiny finishes. Decisions, decisions!

The archetypal aviator may remind you of Marlon Brando, Paul McCartney or Tom Cruise, but in fact these sunglasses were developed to protect pilot’s eyes while flying, back in 1936. The style has since transitioned from sunglasses to prescription eyewear in a variety of finishes and colours. Whether you opt for a gold, silver, black or coloured rim, your cool-factor will easily double with these glasses. You can never go wrong with this timeless classic!

Transparent Rimmed Glasses
Think you can’t make an impact with clear plastic-rimmed glasses?  Think again! Subtle from a distance, but stunning up-close, these colourless glasses come in a variety of shapes and styles so choose the one that suits your face shape and wear them proud! Perfect for most skin complexions and any outfit; be prepared to make a fashion statement.

If you want to take glasses with a clear frame to the next level trend-wise, choose a pair with a slight tint in them for a funkier look. We recommend red! It is such an important colour in eyewear this year and, you will definitely to get noticed!

Tortoiseshell Mix-Media
Tortoiseshell has been part of eyewear design for a century, but this iconic material is definitely going to be seen as a fashion leader in 2019. Tortoiseshell can be found in various shapes and styles so pick the one you love and then make it fresh and trendy with a mix of colours and materials. Using shades of reds or blues to create monochromatic patterns produces stunning colour combinations that transform this vintage pattern. Add even more panache by picking a style that mixes this classic plastic frame with metal details. Voila! You have now gone from classic to trending 2019.

Brow Bar
Eyebrows are the hot topic in the beauty world and eyewear designers have taken advantage to pay tribute to eyebrows in their own way with the brow bar. At its core, this trend is a variation on aviator styles, with an accentuated top bar. This brow bar, or top bridge, is the upper portion of the frame’s frame that links the two eye rims together. With the addition of an acetate rod or simply by making the bridge a contrasting colour to the frame, it creates a bold look and highlights the top part of the glasses much like eyebrows frame the eyes rendering the top of your nose the main focus for 2019.

Cat-Eye Frames
Born in the 30’s, the rage in the 50’s and probably one of the most popular frame shapes in the optical market, this iconic style is still a must have for 2019. These elegant frames look great on both men and women as well as for most face shapes. Available in a variety of materials, colours and patterns you will certainly find the perfect pair at an IRIS store near you.

Mirrored Sunglasses
Honourable mention goes to mirrored sunglasses! After highlighting the important trends for prescription eyewear of 2019, it is important to talk about this sunglass trend that is just simply amazing! Tinted with your preferred colour or in classic silver, these sunglasses will not only keep your eyes protected from UV rays but you will look very stylish and mysterious. Why mysterious? Because when people will look at you they will only see themselves in your shades not your eyes.

If you need a new pair of glasses this year, why not consider one of these trends? IRIS has a large assortment of glasses and sunglasses. Come in for a consult with one of our expert opticians to help you choose the right frames for you.

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