The Lifestyle of Owning a Thoroughbred Racehorse


Simply put. Owning a thoroughbred racehorse can be an amazing experience.

Cheering your horse as it is hastened to the wire by a jockey emblazoned with your own colourful silks will prompt emotions unlike any you have felt before. And once you’ve experience it you will be hooked.

Racehorse ownership is more accessible than you may think and is not just reserved for royalty or the elite with stables full of the finest horses money can buy. There are various ownership options that make owning a Thoroughbred racehorse available to just about everyone.

Joining a racing syndicate will allow you to buy in and experience the thrill of ownership for a fixed monthly or yearly fee. Owning horses in partnerships with friends and family can bring you closer together to share new experiences and create memories to last a lifetime.

Purchasing horses through your company or business can be a great opportunity to network and share amazing experiences with your clients and friends.

Ownership is a lifestyle that offers a new world of experiences for you to discover. You are not restricted to your seats on race day when you own a Thoroughbred racehorse.

Race day can be as formal or as casual as you would like it to be. Whether you choose to dress up and dine at the track or casually mingle among race fans, as an owner you can join your horse in the paddock as they get saddled up and ready to race. Chat with the trainer and meet the jockey before finding your seats or cheering on your horse from the rail.

As an owner you can get up close on the rail to watch your horse training in the morning. It is a terrific time to meet horse people and other owners in the business, many of whom will share their passion, knowledge and some great stories.

Visit the barn to watch your elite equine athlete being cared for after training and you may want to bring some mints, apples or carrots with you.

Owner Rob Marzilli reflects on his experience with racehorse ownership:

I put of group of friends together to have some fun owning horses. Spending time visiting the horses in the barn, watching training in the mornings. With family and friends in the paddock on race day, cheering on your horse & hopefully visiting the winners circle! There is nothing like the ownership experience!

When you are ready to own a Thoroughbred racehorse there are plenty of options and ways you can get started. It is advisable to seek guidance from someone who has experience in horse ownership or someone experienced in purchasing Thoroughbred horses like a trainer or a bloodstock agent. Ownership Specialist Stacie Roberts is contracted by the HBPA of Ontario to provide unbiased guidance to becoming a Thoroughbred racehorse owner. Stacie can help you choose the type of ownership you would like to experience, within your budget, and will help you find a trainer, a partnership or group that will fulfill your expectations.

Thoroughbred racing at Woodbine Racetrack opens for live racing on Saturday, April 20 and Fort Erie Race Track opens on Tuesday, May 28. The HBPA of Ontario will be hosting an Ownership Experience event on Saturday, May 11 which will provide those interested in ownership with information and an opportunity to meet trainers and existing owners in the industry and more. Be sure to reserve your spot today.


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