Aging in Style


The prevailing notion seems to be that aging is a condition that needs to be fixed. If you are a woman of a certain age, you’ll notice that products marketed directly towards you are often ones that claim to diminish or halt the physical signs of aging.

It’s as though we are now meant to disguise our age, rather than to celebrate the beautiful women we have grown into—creases, gray hair and all.

Of course there are important physical things that need addressing as we age. Take your eyesight, for example. According to WebMD, beginning in our 40s the natural internal lenses in our eyes become less flexible. That impacts our close vision, and explains why we start pulling pill bottles and menus farther away from our faces, why it’s harder to read in dim light, and why we may find that sewing or other close work begins to make our eyes hurt.

So, troublesome vision issues after 40? Yes, that’s something that requires fixing.

In fact, it’s important to have an annual eye exam to ensure that your peepers continue to stay as healthy as possible, and to get help for any vision issues related to the natural aging process.

Your optometrist may write a prescription based on your exam, particularly if you also have other vision issues, or she may simply recommend a reading glasses strength, usually from +1.25 to +3.50, and send you on your way. “Cheater readers,” as they are sometimes called, can be found in most drug stores and often in craft and hobby stores too.

This is precisely what happened to Karen Ganovsky, a woman who had always been proud of having perfect vision, and suddenly found herself unable to read fine print shortly after she turned 44. While relieved that the diagnosis was simply related to aging and not a serious disease, Karen wasn’t thrilled with the selection of readers available to her. “I must have tried on every pair of reading glasses on the rack trying to find that one pair of “spectacles” that might make me appear youthful or playful,” she said, “but it was a disaster!”

As an interior designer with an eye for the stylish and trendy, it bothered Karen that there wasn’t a more fashionable option for those who wanted one. How can you embrace aging, she wondered, when you can’t find aids to help you do so that match your energy and personal style?

Karen knew her limited reading vision was beginning to impact her life, so she had no choice but to finally settle on a pair of drugstore reading glasses that she felt she could live with—even though they weren’t what she really wanted.

The glasses helped, but Karen found herself spending a small fortune on additional pairs because they kept getting lost, or weren’t where she needed them when she needed them. She knew one option was to get a cord and hang them around her neck, but she couldn’t bring herself to so prominently display something that, to her, was simply a utilitarian device—and looked like it.That’s when the idea of turning reading glasses into a wearable work of art struck Karen. She took pen to paper and began to draw exactly what she would like to wear—something convenient but still beautiful. “The more I worked at it,” she said, “the more they took the form of legitimate jewelry and fashion items.”

And her company, NeckGlasses, was born.

This “jewelry with a purpose” is a line of stunning reading glasses that combine high fashion with functional eyewear. Worn around the neck, at a glance they simply appear to be bold and stylish necklaces. That’s because the ingenious design allows them to do double duty as a fashion accessory and a reading aid, when needed.

Neckglasses come in a variety of styles and designs, including dazzling pendants with ornamental details and lockets that fold open to reveal instant eyewear. There are also options for men who want the convenience of having reading glasses at the ready, but prefer to keep their pockets free for keys and wallets.

Karen truly believes that aging can be beautiful, and she feels that part of that comes from being able to rely on beautiful items that help us live our best lives. After all, the ability to look and feel stylish shouldn’t have an expiration date, regardless of any new physical challenges we may face as we get older.

Neckglasses approaches one of the issues associated with aging in a unique way, and Karen’s message is one of empowerment: we truly can be gorgeous at any age; we just need to look for creative and beautiful ways to embrace the process.

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