Solutions for Optimizing Garage Storage Space


The Liftsuperstore was founded in 2005 and is centrally located in Oakville Ontario. The owner and management group all have more than twenty-five years of industry experience. The over 60,000 square foot facility provides engineering and manufacturing. This is complemented by partner agreements held with a major European supplier.

With the rapid growth of Canada’s major urban centres has come strict guidelines for parking. High density housing projects now provide limited car outdoor parking. Residential garages have become more compact and provide limited solutions to the lack of storage space.

Parking storage lifts use the available ceiling height to expand vertically the available storage space. The typical residential garage with a ceiling 120” or more can usually accommodate a four post parking lift for storing two vehicles in an area 104” x 175”. Many people elect to install parking lifts in their home garage and use the upper level to store seasonal items.

Most parking lifts sold today will operate on either 110v or 220v power and do not have to be anchored to the floor. They typically come standard with caster wheels to move the lift around, drip trays and a jacking plate for doing minor car service. Delivery and professional installation are offered at a reasonable cost and normally most products are kept in inventory so orders are processed usually with a fourteen day turn around or less.

Parking/storage lifts come in various designs depending on the application. The most common and less costly is the conventional four post with drive on ramps. These are available in an 8,000 lb. or 9,000 lb. capacity in lifting heights of either 74” or 84”. Typically less than 120 square feet of floor space is required.

Also available are single or twin post lifts with drive on ramps. These design use slightly less floor space however they have to be anchored to the floor. Twin post drive on ramp style parking lifts have been popular throughout Europe and Asia for over twenty years in the two height and three height designs. These are often used outside and come with corrosion and water resistant protection.

The Liftsuperstore employs two engineers and will design specialty applications for unique requirements including moving vehicles from one level to another. With our European partners there are today a myriad of options available to maximize the buildings storage space.

Lift safety is a major concern to the Liftsuperstore. Our parent company, Total Automotive Lifting Solutions Inc. is a member in good standing of the ALI (Automotive Lift Institute). The ALI in conjunction with ANSI in the United States create industry standards for the design and construction of vehicle lifts. Members are compelled to third party certify that their lifts comply to these standards.

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