3 Reasons Your Antivirus Is Getting Beat


Your house has more than one layer of protection, why shouldn’t your computer? Most people know they need antivirus, but did you know today’s viruses are designed to sneak past antivirus? They sabotage the computers they infect, like a burglar who gets into your house and deactivates your security alarms. Here are 3 reasons your antivirus is getting beat:

1. New viruses are released everyday
It is estimated that 8 million new malware are released every month.  Traditional antivirus response times are just too slow and viruses are becoming too smart. You need an external device, like the FixMeStick, to scan and remove viruses that are designed to hide from antivirus software.

2. You don’t have to do anything wrong to get infected
New attack vectors, like malvertising, can hijack advertising space on legitimate website that you use everyday. Search poisoning is when cyber criminals create malicious websites then use search engine optimization tactics to show up at the top of the search results page. You can be at the wrong place, at the wrong time and accidentally get a virus even though you did everything right.

3. Targeted attacks can bypass antivirus blacklisting
Traditional antivirus programs work by identifying threats and blacklisting them; however, hackers are starting to get around that by creating custom pieces of malware and deploying them during an attack so they go undetected by antivirus programs.

In conclusion…

Antivirus programs are a must for 2019. However, you also need a second layer to make sure your computer is clean. One option is taking your computer to the computer store which can take several days and cost hundreds of dollars.

Or you can use what the pros use – the FixMeStick. It runs externally to find and remove viruses – it’s like having an IT department in the palm of your hand. With FixMeStick you can clean your computer yourself from the comfort and privacy of your home.

Since being on Dragons’ Den this Canadian made virus removal system on a stick has gone on to sell over a million FixMeSticks worldwide, making it the best-selling virus removal device.

FixMeStick is effective because it starts before your operating system boots to remove threats while your computer isn’t running.  It uses multi-scanner technology to give you up-to-the second responses to the latest threats. With FixMeStick, anyone can clean their PC instantly, and affordably with no invasion of privacy.

Because FixMeStick runs externally, there is no software to install so:

– It won’t slow down your computer
– It can’t interfere with other software
– It’s more effective at removing threats than antivirus software

FixMeStick finds malware on more than 80% of computers it scans, even though 99% of these computers are running antivirus. And it comes with a virus removal guarantee backed by a team of Canadian based tech experts ready to help you for FREE.

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