Did You Know Your Rexall Pharmacist Can Do More Than Fill Prescriptions?


Your Pharmacist is your partner in health. With over 42,000 across Canada, Pharmacists are the most accessible health care professional, providing Canadians with helpful and knowledgeable advice about their medications, over-the-counter products and health concerns. Your Pharmacist is a key member of your health care team and can provide you with valuable support and advice to help you live your healthiest life.

March is Pharmacist Awareness Month. Each March, we celebrate Pharmacists and their commitment to caring for Canadians’ health.

Your friendly Rexall Pharmacist takes care of you. They can work with you to ensure that you have access to helpful advice, support and tools to help keep you healthy.

In addition to counselling on and filling prescription medications, at Rexall, your Pharmacist can:

  • provide you with useful information about managing health conditions and chronic illness.
  • provide access to customizable Medication Management Tools.
  • write prescriptions in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba based on assessment.1
  • provide injection and vaccine services.2
  • provide guidance on A1C Testing and understanding your results (in AB, BC, ON only).
  • provide convenient in-store Strep Throat Testing based on assessment.3

Better manage health conditions and chronic illness

To better understand common health conditions and chronic illness that you may be living with, like high blood pressure and diabetes, your Rexall Pharmacist can assist you with device training for blood glucose monitors and blood pressure meters, medication side effects and symptom management, and dietary and lifestyle advice.

Access to a variety of Medication Management Tools

Managing your medication can be challenging but your Rexall Pharmacist can help make it easier with customizable Medication Management Tools tailored to suit your health needs, and lifestyle goals: Auto Refill to ensure that your prescriptions are automatically filled when they are due, Rexall Reminder notifies you when your prescriptions are ready via text, e-mail or phone call, and Med Organizer arranges your medications in personalized 7-day blister packs, conveniently organized by time of day to be taken. With many different medication management tools available, your Rexall Pharmacist can work with you to determine which one is best suited for you.

Prescribing Services Based on Assessment

Did you know that in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba, your Rexall Pharmacist can write prescriptions?They can assess and prescribe relief for minor ailments including acne, allergies, skin rash and more.1 Save time and get assessed by your Rexall Pharmacist today. Additionally, all Rexall Pharmacists can renew and extend prescriptions based on assessment, to ensure that you don’t miss out on any of your important medications.

 In-Store Injection and Vaccine Services

 At Rexall, all of our Pharmacists are injection trained. Your Rexall Pharmacist conveniently offers in-store flu shots, and can also administer a wide range of additional vaccines including hepatitis, shingles, HPV and tetanus, based on assessment.2 No appointment necessary!

Point of Care Testing – A1C and Strep Throat

To help you better manage diabetes, your Rexall Pharmacist can help guide you with performing the A1C Test and can assist you with understanding your results (excludes Manitoba and Saskatchewan). The A1C Test is a measurement of your average blood sugar over a 2-3-month period and is a great tool to help you ensure you are within your target range. Additionally, in Alberta and BC, your Rexall Pharmacist can perform a Strep Throat test. 3 Strep Throat is a contagious bacterial infection that causes fever, sore throat and swollen lymph nodes. Based on assessment, if required, in Alberta, your Pharmacist can also prescribe you antibiotics.

Learn more about how your Rexall Pharmacist can support you in helping you live your healthiest life. In the month of March, we are celebrating Pharmacist awareness month. Come in and speak with your Rexall Pharmacist today and thank them for all that they do.

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1Pharmacist conducts assessment prior to prescribing. Some conditions may apply. Subject to provincial legislation.
2Based on vaccine availability and where permitted by provincial legislation. Pharmacist cannot administer a vaccine to children under a certain age; ask for age restrictions. Charges may apply.
3The pharmacist must conduct a patient specific assessment to determine clinical suitability. Subject to provincial legislation. Available only in the province of Alberta and British Columbia.


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