A New Way to Prevent UTIs… Naturally


The all too familiar urinary tract infection has a new adversary who aids in detection and prevention called Utiva.

In these historic times, staying at home is important. Safeguarding the health of both you and your family comes first. But while the rest of life may be on hold, your body may not be.

It is a fact that half of all women will get a urinary tract infection (UTI) at least once in their lifetime. Many men will get one too. Distressingly, UTIs account for one quarter of all frequent clinical bacterial infections in women, and up to 30% of patients have recurrent infections. Additionally, as we age, hormonal changes and other health considerations can increase the likelihood of having to deal with these frequent and dreaded UTIs.

Now introducing Utiva, a Canadian brand focused on the prevention of UTIs. The vision of Utiva is to help improve our quality of life as we work with specialists to reduce UTI episodes. This helps cut back on doctor visits, antibiotics and the overall hassle that come with a UTI.

Why are we doing this? Because we care.

Utiva recently launched a free medical consult service, that allows you to remotely connect with a doctor via video or phone from home. It is covered by your Canadian health card and has access to doctors licensed in Canada along with prescription delivery to help you stay home.

The unique and clinically proven Utiva UTI prevention supplement meets physician guidelines and is approved by Health Canada to help prevent UTIs and the need for antibiotics. It is recommended by Urologists, Urogynecologists and GPs across Canada due its ability to stop bacteria from causing an infection.

How does a natural cranberry supplement do this? By having one of the highest concentrations of proanthocyanidins (PACs) available. PACs are the active molecules from the cranberry and Utiva provides 36mg of PACs per capsule, once a day. Our supplement is 100% natural and made in Canada. Utiva can help provide that comfort, peace of mind, and overall health you deserve.

You might wonder why Utiva is different than other cranberry products. One Utiva pill is equivalent to nine regular cranberry pills or four glasses of cranberry cocktail juice to ensure you get 36mg of PACs. Be careful as you select your cranberry supplement and look for the PAC content.

“Recurrent UTIs can be a constant struggle in the clinic. In an attempt to minimize the use of antibiotics, I do consider natural options to help reduce UTI episodes. Cranberry products with 36mg of PACs, such as Utiva, have provided a credible non-antibiotic option to reduce UTIs for my patients.”
Dr. Jennie Mickelson, Urology, Dept. of Medicine, UBC

Utiva is also the first company in Canada to provide UTI home-tests for self-screening that is Health Canada approved, These are the same tests as the ones used in doctor offices and are clinically accurate and easy to use.  It’s a great option to self-check your symptoms before contacting the doctor.

“Been using Utiva for 18 months and now UTI free. This is an excellent, high-quality product and I am glad to hear that health professionals are recommending it to their patients.”
Wendy F., Kingston, ON

Your UTI-Free journey can start now with Utiva.

Book your appointment now for a virtual doctor consult covered by your Canadian health card.

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