Stay Connected With Your Family From Home


Even while observing social distancing, the past months proved that technology can keep us connected more than ever before. In this article, we will discuss ways a smartphone can keep us together with our family even while we are staying at home.

1. Messaging– the first way we can stay in touch is through messaging. We can reach out with a simple text message or even send pictures and videos. You can create or join multiple messaging groups through the Messages app in your phone or other apps like Facebook MessengerViber and WhatsApp. Doing this can allow us to remain in contact with our family, colleagues and friends, never missing on any important updates!

2. Video calling– other than a traditional phone call, a great way to connect with someone from a distance is through a video call. Hearing their voice and seeing their face is the closest way to feel together with our loved ones currently. Just like with messaging, we can also do a group video call, seeing many faces in one call and hearing stories from one another.

As we are still recovering from the pandemic, Canadians depend on video calls to stay connected. Many apps can do this service such as FacetimeZoom, Google DuoFacebook Messenger and WhatsApp.

Interested to know how it works? Here’s a clip explaining how to make a video call using WhatsApp:

Note that some features will require data or a Wi-Fi connection and some apps require a monthly subscription fee.

While nothing can fully replace the human connection, a smartphone can offer some help, especially from a distance.

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