Better Hearing Aids? 6 Life-Changing Advancements in Hearing Aid Technology


How long has it been since you upgraded your hearing aid? Even if yours is working well, it’s worth keeping abreast of the latest developments in technology and services. Today’s hearing aids do much more than improve volume and sound clarity. Recent innovations can enhance your entire hearing experience and have a big impact on your quality of life.

Hearing aids should be replaced about every 3 years, so now’s the time to start researching your next one. Let’s delve into 6 of the top-of-the-line features on the market.

1. 360-degree sound

Older hearing aids had a tunnel-like feel, especially in social settings with multiple speakers. You could hear someone directly in front of you but the sounds around were shut out. Some of today’s advanced hearing aids have the technology to provide a 360-degree sound experience. By differentiating between speech and noise, you can focus on the sounds around you or in front of you. This provides a more natural hearing experience with higher sound clarity and less effort.

2. Feedback reduction

Whistle no more! Modern hearing aids can reduce feedback, that irritating whistling sound that can occur when acoustic signals escape the ear canal and hit the microphone on the hearing aid. New technology supports the prevention of feedback sound by cutting out the whistling.

3. Tinnitus relief

If you suffer from tinnitus (ringing in the ear or hearing hissing, clicking or whirring sounds), this feature’s for you. You can get relief with sound therapy on your hearing aids. Tinnitus support settings allow you to listen to sounds through the hearing aid that help to soothe and decrease the ringing.

4. Rechargeable batteries

Tired of your hearing aid batteries running out unexpectedly and having to replace them often? Some hearing aids are now powered by rechargeable batteries — a bonus for your wallet and the environment. Place your hearing aids on the charging station when you go to bed, and they’re ready to use when you wake up in the morning. Just three hours of charge provides a full day of power.

5. Device connectivity

Bluetooth is an absolute must-have. It turns your hearing aids into high-quality headphones that connect wirelessly to a range of devices. Connect your hearing aid directly to your phone, tablet, computer or TV and hear everything more clearly.

Many hearing aids can connect directly to Apple devices. But most Android devices require an accessory device to facilitate communication with your Bluetooth hearing aids — for example a ConnectClip, phone adapter, TV adapter or remote control.

6. Life-simplifying apps

There are some incredible apps (like Oticon ON and Oticon RemoteCare) that make hearing aid-related tasks easy-peasy. Right from your smartphone, you can connect your hearing aids to devices, adjust the volume, change preset programs, find your hearing aids, and have follow-up appointments, fittings and adjustments with your hearing care professionals.

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