How Can a Tablet Help You While Staying Home?


Social distancing is a challenging adjustment for many during this pandemic. From taking a walk to doing groceries, some routines don’t look quite the same anymore.

In the meantime, life goes on, and we must find ways to keep doing the things we enjoy doing while staying safe.

One way some people have found to stay connected and active is by leveraging technology from the comfort of their home, without breaking the bank.

In this article, we will provide insights on the various benefits a tablet offers while staying at home.

 What is a tablet? 

A tablet is a mobile computer that uses touchscreen technology. Smaller, usually cheaper and sometimes faster than a computer, it combines the features of a smartphone and a laptop as it can take photosrecord videosmake video callssend emailscreate documentslaunch apps and so much more.

Tablets became so popular over the years because of their unique features, especially the larger screen display and portability.

Here are a few reasons how a tablet can help you while staying at home:

1. Staying connected
A tablet has a larger screen than cell phones which makes for more convenient viewingVideo calling with your friends and family for a special event or even for a casual catch up becomes a better experience because of the bigger screen. It’s also an excellent tool for virtual work meetings or medical appointments you must take from home.

2. Online learning
Learning a new skill or increasing your knowledge about specific topics is a great way to stay productive while staying home. Today, a lot of online courses and educational videos have become available to watch or download in your device. Search for lessons or even download apps like Coursera that offers free and paid online courses.

A tablet’s larger screen display and portability makes online learning more convenient. Some tablets are also compatible with keyboard cases which makes it an excellent tool for typing and taking notes. You can even support a family member’s online education by giving a tablet as the perfect gift.

3. Better viewing experience
Other than educational purposes, a tablet makes entertainment a better viewing experience as well. You can watch your favorite TV shows and movies. Read books with bigger fonts through an e-book app. You can also catch up on the news or browse the internet. You can experience all this while staying at home or even on the go.

4. Learn new ways to do things
There are many ways to make your life easier and safer during this time.

For example, to avoid going to stores in person, some companies now offer to deliver your groceries right to your doorstep. Other brands and businesses have improved their online shopping experience so you can conveniently purchase for yourself or get a gift for someone.

Do you miss going to the gym or attending a fitness class? Apps like Sworkit provides an easy to follow fitness routines with videos and illustrations. There are other workout videos available for you to follow from the comfort of your home.

The tablet’s features make these new routines a more convenient experience for you.

Note: you need to be connected to Wi-Fi or have a tablet data plan to experience some of the benefits mentioned above.

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