Best Destinations in Europe for Food Lovers


Get a taste for world-famous cuisine  

Europe is a haven for foodies all around the globe. From the sprawling coasts of Italy to the rolling hills of Ireland, there are irresistible food options located all over this widely-visited continent.


There is no shortage of culinary delights to enjoy in Italy. Savour the flavours of fresh ingredients and zesty spices when you taste iconic dishes like pasta and pizza. Sink your teeth into gooey Sicilian slices and twirl your fork through mouthwatering pasta plates when you visit this gastronomic paradise.

Your food tour throughout Italy doesn’t end with pasta and pizza, however. It’s just getting started. Once you’ve enjoyed these savoury staple foods, you’ll need to balance out your taste buds with something sweet. Choose from confectionery delights like tiramisu and panna cotta, or palate cleansers like the legendary gelato frozen dessert.

In Italy, you can also cleanse your palate with the delightful taste of limoncello, a lemon-flavoured liqueur enjoyed by tourists and locals alike after the completion of a meal. There are also plenty of other beverage pairings to add to your dining experience, since Italy is famous for its abundance of wine varieties.


France is renowned for its world-class, gourmet fare. Discover the region’s rich flavours and elegant cuisines, from the distinctive varieties of fromage (cheese), to the delicate textures of crêpes.

In France, running food errands is not a one-stop shop. Whatever you’re searching for, there’s probably a store that specializes in that item. For instance, if you’re looking for a pastry to complete a meal, head over to a patisserie, a pastry shop. Some other specialized shops include a fromagerie, which sells cheese, a boulangerie, which is a bakery, and there are even shops that sell only perfume, which are called parfumeries.

Like Italy, wine is an integral part of French culture and a meal wouldn’t be complete without a wine pairing. While in France, take the opportunity to try authentic French wine, from deep reds like Pinot Noir to crisp whites like Chardonnay.


A large part of Irish culture involves quality time with family and friends, and food plays a big role in fostering these relationships. Culinary experiences like traditional Sunday roasts and nights at the pub bring people together, whether you’re a tourist visiting for the week or a local who’s lived in Ireland for years.

For a traditional Irish Sunday Roast, extended family members get together once a week to prepare and enjoy an elaborate dinner usually involving a chicken or turkey roast, fortifying vegetables, desserts, and fresh soda bread. During all other days of the week, you can participate in the legendary Irish pub culture and catch up with loved ones or fellow travellers over a steaming bowl of Irish stew or a plate of fish and chips.

Of course, your Irish pub experience wouldn’t be complete without washing it all down with a pint of Guinness, or a smooth glass of Irish whiskey.

Whatever your culinary preferences, these European destinations offer delectable food options that whet the appetite. From the gourmet cuisine of elegant French bistros to the casual and lively atmosphere of an Irish pub, your European excursion is sure to be filled with unforgettable dining experiences.

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