Wear Your Hearing Aids Loud and Proud!


If you’re enjoying your hearing aids, be loud, be proud. You’re living proof that we’re at our best when our hearing is at its best. Here’s what fellow CARP members are saying about why it’s time to end the stigma around hearing loss. And let’s continue to fight the stigma that holds so many Canadians back.

“The sounds of waves crashing on the beach soothes my soul.”
—Darci, Prince George

When your hearing is improved, it helps you fully immerse yourself in the world around you. Nature in particular can have a profound impact on our well-being, including reducing stress, improving mood, and reducing blood pressure.1 Whether it’s listening to the drizzle of rain, the birds chirping or the leaves rustling in an autumn wind, we’re all familiar with the wonders of sound. Perhaps the most rewarding benefit of better hearing is how you can cherish those peaceful moments in life.

“We are social creatures and it’s important that all of us be a part of conversations so we can keep connections with those we love.”
—Lisa, Brantford

Feeling close and connected with our loved ones is key to our happiness. Being able to listen to each other through the ups and downs of life strengthens bonds and improves the warmth and intimacy in our relationships. Hearing well means keeping up with the conversation and not feeling like a second-tier member of the group. Better hearing can help your social life by letting you enjoy things like card games, dinner parties and outdoor recreation.2 Reduced hearing, on the other hand, negatively affects your ability to socialize. Older adults with untreated hearing loss are less likely to participate in organized social activities than those who wear hearing aids.3

 “I can hear people, hear the TV and watch movies without subtitles. Definitely go get your hearing checked if you’re constantly asking people to repeat themselves. I can hear great now!”
—Darlene, Toronto

When you’re suffering from hearing loss, it’s a challenge watching TV or movies with people who have normal hearing. How many times have you argued about the volume? Treating your hearing loss will allow you to watch with family and friends as loud as you want. And with Bluetooth functionality on your hearing aid, you can connect wirelessly to your TV, smartphone, tablet and other devices. You can stream sound when using video chat and listen to music, podcasts and audiobooks without bulky headphones. It’s an entirely better listening experience for all the ways you access information and entertainment.

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Make sure your hearing aid is helping you hear your best.

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