Don’t Let the Stigma of Hearing Loss Make You Miss Out


Ever consider why a stigma has such a strong hold over society? Why are glasses fashionable and hearing aids less so? Both do the same thing for different parts of our bodies. If only it were that simple.

Untreated hearing loss can make you miss out on a lot of the good moments in life. Yet, more than 1.7 million Canadians are not treated for their disabling hearing loss.1 We asked Zoomers to help us end the stigma around hearing loss. Here’s what they shared.

“Hearing loss impacts social life, as being in a room with more than a couple of people creates havoc on the ability to carry on a conversation. Many times, it’s easier to just stay home, which is equally bad for our psyche and relationships with others. The struggle is real.”
—Shelly, Arnprior

Hearing loss can put a serious damper on your social life. It’s tiresome to constantly ask others to speak louder or repeat themselves. Following conversations, especially in groups or noisy environments, is even more challenging. You may isolate, sit in the corner or decline invitations.

Maybe you’re resisting hearing aids. You miss a word here or there. You pretend to hear and nod or smile. You take a long pause while your brain processes what you heard and fills in the sounds you didn’t hear to make sense of it. It’s your little secret, right? Sorry to break it to you, but you’re not fooling anyone. Others have probably noticed you’re having problems hearing.

The dangerous part is that you could be missing out on important information. Think about your doctor telling you medication directions, a 911 operator giving you life-saving instructions or an emergency announcement on a loudspeaker. Better hearing doesn’t only help save your social life — it could potentially save your life.

“The birth of a grandchild is the best reason in the world to hear. My grandson makes the most wonderful little sounds and reminds me of my own son when he was born. Not hearing that would be devastating to me.”
— Janet, Hebbville

Hearing loss can be an impediment to connecting with your grandkids. Age-related hearing loss often results from damaged hair cells in the ear called cilia. Initial damage tends to occur in the part of the ear that controls higher-frequency sounds. Since children’s voices tend to be higher pitched, they’re the most difficult to hear. Kids are also prone to speaking softly, mumbling and mispronouncing words.

The sweet sound of children’s voices is one of the great gifts of life. Hearing a grandchild’s first words or the first time they say “I love you” are unforgettable moments you don’t want to miss. Hearing aids can help you get the most out of your relationships with them and cherish those special memories.

“Hearing a person sigh or enjoying great music requires great hearing, and great hearing lets us enjoy the subtleties of life.”
—Paul, Red Deer

The world of hearing is not just the words that are being said. It’s a melody. It’s a blowing wind. It’s a gentle whisper. It’s the crackling of a fire. It’s nuances that we miss when we don’t hear well.

Picture yourself on a date night in a cozy piano bar. Background noises like music or clanking glasses make it difficult to focus on your partner’s voice and communicate. Asking “What did you say?” in an intimate moment is a romance killer.  On the flip side, people have reported that their sex life has improved significantly as a result of wearing hearing aids. Need we say more?

Embrace life in hearing aids and stop missing out.

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1 Financial Post. (2019). Untreated hearing loss in Canada costs C$20 billion each year. Retrieved November 4, 2020, from