Thinking of Taking up an Outdoor Activity? Check in With a Regulated Health Professional


With the weather warming up, many of us are looking forward to a return to outdoor activities. Whether it’s running, hiking or gardening, spending time outside is one of many great ways to keep active. But did you know that some outdoor activities can carry risk of injury if not performed correctly? Increasing your running distance and/or increasing the number of days that you run too quickly can cause both acute or chronic running injuries, such as strains, sprains, and inflammation of the tendons and ligaments. Gardening can cause repetitive strain injuries to the muscles, tendons and ligaments of the body, particularly in the lower back and knees with extended bending, digging and raking. That’s where a registered kinesiologist can help.

Kinesiologists are regulated health professionals who understand human movement and performance, and its rehabilitation and management. The College of Kinesiologists regulates kinesiologists working in Ontario. The College is not a school; it’s a regulatory body that protects your right to competent, safe and ethical kinesiology services from qualified individuals. The College sets the standards for practice and creates registration requirements so that only qualified individuals can practise kinesiology. Only people registered with the College can call themselves kinesiologists.

Registered kinesiologists can help you by:

Conducting an assessment;
developing a clear understanding of conditions impacting health; and
prescribing exercise and other lifestyle changes to improve movement and performance.

A registered kinesiologist has completed a science-based education program offered at the university level and participates yearly in professional development to enhance their practice.

Even more importantly, registered kinesiologists are accountable to the College for the services they provide to you. If you have concerns, you can contact the College and they will investigate.

This spring and summer, make sure you’re equipped with the knowledge to safely enjoy the warm weather. To find a registered kinesiologist in your area, visit and use the “Find a Kinesiologist” tool to verify that your practitioner is registered and in good standing.