Experience Retirement Living to the Fullest


Revera retirement homes offer a truly remarkable lifestyle experience. We are committed to improving the ageing experience for Canadian seniors; a goal that’s shared by our partner, C.A.R.P. Our commitment to this shared goal has allowed us to become the only senior living operators recommended by C.A.R.P.

With over 320,000 members coast to coast, C.A.R.P. is the national leader in advancing the needs and interests of Canadian seniors, and that includes offering their members exclusive discounts and savings on products and services on their list of trusted partners. As part of their Affinity Partnership program, we are pleased to offer C.A.R.P. members 2 FREE months of senior living rent when moving into a Revera retirement residence. *Subject to certain terms and conditions.

It’s a great time to start making the most of your everyday. Now more than ever, we’re all looking for ways to live our lives to the fullest. Event-full. Cheer-full. Wonder-full. Maybe it’s indulging in a great meal, joining in on an activity with friends or simply staying in and relaxing. Whatever it means to you, you’ll find it at a Revera retirement residence.

Many residents are thrilled to discover the freedom that comes with independent living at Revera. Suddenly, they’re enjoying all the comforts of home with all the fun of social, active living. It brings together the best of both worlds – independence and community.

Food is always at the top of the list when we ask people what’s important to them in regards to retirement living. Whatever you may be craving, our residences have restaurant-style dining rooms where you’ll find what you’re looking for. Our in-house chefs ensure all our breakfast, lunch and dinner options are full of variety, quality ingredients and, of course, passion!

Each residence also offers a wide range of personalized health and wellness services – after all, everyone can benefit from a helping hand now and then. Plus, you can take comfort in knowing that if your needs happen to change over time, we’re ready to provide help and support.

How active do you want to be? Whether it’s billiards, bridge or bingo in the games room, live entertainment or a little pampering in the salon, you can choose to fill your social calendar with whatever interests you most. Choose a yoga class today, a game of cards tomorrow or grab a drink with friends in the pub this weekend. That’s the freedom and fun of joining a Revera retirement community.

To learn more about Revera retirement living or to book a personalized in-person or virtual tour, click here or call 1-855-319-4886.