Best Fall Getaways in Ontario!


Fall is the best time to escape to Resort Country – no lineups, no stresses, no worries – just, serenity, your perfect getaway!

As Summer comes to an end, we turn our minds to Fall and the desire to just simply immerse ourselves in this comfortable season – a season of every-changing landscapes, forests painted with palettes of bright oranges, crimsons and yellows, and the opportunity to just exhale.  What better time than now to make new traditions with those you love – your partner, your children, and your friends?  

At your doorstep are activities such as canoeing and boating on glistening lakes, immersing yourself into blissful spa environments, and hiking or biking through trails that have been transformed by Mother Nature, sipping wine together in front of a cozy camp fire under a starlit sky, you will find everything your heart desires in the picture-perfect setting at Ontario Resorts this fall.  With so many different types and styles of accommodations and adventures, there’s something for everyone!   Resorts of Ontario is the perfect resource to help you plan your next getaway.

Whether you and your partner are spontaneous weekend getaway types or you plan your romantic adventures on a spreadsheet, you will find everything your heart desires in a picture-perfect setting this fall.

Resorting Fun comes in all shapes and sizes –modern to elegant and luxurious to traditional. These hotel style rooms are equipped with extremely comfortable king and queen sized beds and all the ingredients needed for your perfect romantic escapade!  Explore Resorts such as Living Water Resorts, Fern Resort, Bayview Wildwood Resort and many more!

Cottages are a great choice when you’re looking for something a little more private and secluded for your getaway. Each cottage comes fully equipped with all the amenities of home – full kitchens, bathroom, bedrooms and everything you would need to have a great holiday.  Discover Pine Vista Resort, Port Cunnington Lodge and Muskoka Beer Spa, are just some of many cottage options.

Inns are a place to be pampered and feel like royalty from the moment you arrival until your departure. These historic Inn’s have creatively decorated the rooms to keep the historical elements alive, yet matched with a modern twist. Millcroft Inn & Spa, The Waring House and Westwind Inn, along with many more options is the perfect getaway.

This Fall go resorting and discover any of our 100 resort properties – no matter your preference in accommodation style or budget, we have the perfect resort destination to suit your needs.

For further information, go to where you will find more useful tools as you plan your fall adventures in our wonderful province.