Join Us for Happy Hour! From Our Home, to Yours.

“We meet on a Thursday to go over what we learned from Monday’s online Happy Hour Ukulele Club.  We laugh. We Socialize. We have a blast. We sit back in our respective homes, relax and play!” says Judy, Cummings Member.  Here’s our latest Ukuele practice on Zoom:

There are just so many online courses to choose from at the Cummings Centre, a unique community organization based in Montreal offering 170+ online programs specifically designed for older adults 50 years of age and older.

Happy Hour Ukulele Club is just one of the several Music Appreciation courses available via Zoom this Winter. The possibilities are endless. Be it participating in a Broadway Boogie Dance class, celebrating the exploits of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in a three-part Mozart workshop series led by l’Opéra de Montréal’s Artistic Director, Richard Turp or engaging in a four -part musical exploration of American popular music, from minstrel songs to ragtime and the blues with award-winning singer/songwriter Rob Lutes.

Gundie Robertson’s schedule is jam-packed these days, as she navigates through the many courses and programs offered virtually by the Cummings Centre.

“I have probably taken every course there is, from improv to the singing and wine tasting to virtual trips across the globe,” said Robertson, who also volunteers at the Centre. “It is like attending a university, with so many courses available to take. The great thing is, there is no exam at the end of it.”

Among her most favourite courses are the many Virtual Trips offered at Cummings. Since the start of the pandemic, the Volunteer Travel committee has organized over 20 virtual tours. The group relies heavily on past travel experiences, work in the field and personal research when deciding where to embark for a virtual visit.

“We are really looking for the best,” said Lazare. “We are in competition with YouTube. Our tours must have something that will set us apart and make people want to spend $10 to come and join us. We try to keep them all different and intriguing.”  The tours have been a hit with Members “The tour guides that are selected are really the best in their class,” said Gundi. “We walk with them through the cities. We have movies, we have pictures, we have music; we have everything to makes those trips a really fabulous experience.”

To learn more about the Cummings Centre and to browse programs, click here or call 514.343.3510