Downsizing or Settling an Estate?

MaxSold can help you sell an entire houseful of contents in under two weeks!

Each year, thousands of Canadians downsize or assist others in their downsizing or estate sales. MaxSold demystifies and simplifies the process, helping thousands of homeowners each year to sell household contents online. MaxSold makes selling contents simple, efficient and satisfying.

Our local experts provide hands-on service, taking the pressure out of selling home contents. If you’re more DIY, we can support that too. Once you decide to use MaxSold, you can rely on us for as much or as little assistance as you want or need.

With local expert teams ready to assist on-site or online, we’ll guide you to build your digital catalogue, provide tips, tricks and webinars for photographing your items, and even help you describe your items with our database of common descriptors. If you’re looking to get the job done quickly, our local teams can catalogue all of your auction contents and be in and out of your property in less than a day.

We can recommend an auction schedule and pick-up timeline that works for you – with everything sold and removed in less than two weeks! When your auction goes live, we increase buyer interest through digital marketing. And when your auction closes, we manage all the financial transactions with buyers through our secure payment system providing you with a transparent receipt of sales and a cheque for the total amount of your auction. Plus, you’ll walk away satisfied that your items have found new uses and purposes with a new generation of owners.


To learn more visit our website and to see how you can Sell Everything Simply!