Love Your Ears and Everything In Between

When was the last time you showed your ears some love?

Your ears are working all the time to keep you connected to what is going on around you. You know it, but you probably don’t think about it too often.

Hearing helps you communicate with those close to you and engage with the outside world.

That’s why it’s important to always keep an eye on your ears. Pay attention to your hearing and whether it may need a bit of help.

What are the signs of hearing loss?

Do you find it challenging to have conversations with more than a couple of people? Do you often or constantly hear a ringing/buzzing sound? Has your memory worsened? The signs of hearing loss can be many. Often, the first people to notice you may have a hearing loss are the people closest to you.

Here’s how hearing loss affects you.

Clear hearing helps your brain stay fit throughout your life. In fact, if you have hearing difficulties you have a 3.5 times higher rate of having other conditions such as memory loss, tinnitus, balance problems and cognitive issues.

Hearing loss can also put a strain on your relationships. Your inability to hear well may cause you to withdraw from social settings. Your friends and family will be frustrated that you can’t hear them. Your inability to hear can even cause misunderstandings that lead to negative outcomes that were otherwise avoidable.

Hearing well also keeps you safe. Imagine not hearing a fire alarm, an emergency phone call, or a siren on the street. It helps to hear well. It’s time to make hearing health a priority.

HearingLife is raising hearing health awareness with their “Love Your Ears” campaign.

HearingLife, a Preferred Partner of C.A.R.P., has launched it’s 2022 campaign, “Love Your Ears,” to encourage Canadians to make hearing care a part of self-care.

HearingLife’s hearing professionals know the signs of hearing loss and how to help you handle them to hear clearer and stay in touch with the world around you. C.A.R.P. members and their families can book a free hearing test* at HearingLife and its participating network clinics—no referral required.

C.A.R.P. members can also enjoy exclusive hearing healthcare benefits at HearingLife just by being a member!

Visit to book a free hearing test and to learn more about the benefits that make it worthwhile to Love Your Ears!