Stylish Confidence

Living stylishly is as much about what you wear as how you wear it. While your look evolves and trends come and go, there’s nothing more timeless and vibrant than confidence.

And now, because of TENA Stylish™ disposable underwear, women who experience bladder leakage can still be fearlessly fashionable, unlimited in what you can wear and free to do the things you love.

TENA Stylish™ disposable underwear is a wardrobe essential for women with bladder leaks. Both fashionable and functional, they look and feel just like regular underwear but have triple protection against leaks, urine odour and wetness. The super absorbent core is designed for maximum absorbency to lock in liquid and keep you dry.

Made with cottony-soft stretch fabric that’s gentle on skin, TENA Stylish™ have a soft elastic waistband and leg cuffs for a comfy, body-hugging fit. They’re beautifully unnoticeable to others, so you’ll feel confident and protected — fearlessly ready for anything.


Look and Feel Your Best From Top to Bottom

Go for a polished one-and-done outfit in a silhouette that suits your shape. It may be a little black dress, jumpsuit, co-ord or tailored separates in figure-flattering fabrics.

Put your best foot forward in shoes you can comfortably move in, whether they’re killer heels, classic pumps, preppy loafers, trendy flatforms or leather sneakers. You do you.

The wardrobe hero for women with bladder leaks, TENA Stylish™ has a body-hugging fit and triple protection against leaks, odour and wetness. Just like underwear look and feel!