Deep Relief® For Arthritis & Chronic Pain

We reached out to Zoomer readers suffering from arthritis or chronic pain and asked them to test two DEEP RELIEF® pain relievers. Their feedback was overwhelmingly positive. Here, they share their pain — and deep relief.

Testers endured nagging, constant, achy and unbearable pain due to arthritis; accident; injury; and joint, nerve and back pain. They applied DEEP RELIEF® products day or night, particularly on hands, neck, shoulders, lower back and knees.

DEEP RELIEF® was described as easy to apply, soothing, smooth, non-greasy and quick-absorbing.

“I really liked the texture of the Menthacin. It was smooth, light and not sticky. Within minutes I felt a cool feeling and then a soothing feeling around the painful area…. Lidocaine had no scent, which was great. Lovely texture as well.” 

—Rose V., Toronto

“Much smoother application and cooling and heating sensation was nice.” —Sharron B., Regina

Testers reported that DEEP RELIEF® was effective in relieving pain.

 “Found the Lidocaine product very good — hard to find something that gives such  quick  relief for pain.” —Helen J., Goderich

“Gave me more time to be on my feet to get things done.” —Rosemary B

“Felt like it really was acting on my pain.”  —Sherry S., White Rock

“Pain stopped, allowed me to get to sleep. Liked it very much.”   —Helen J., Goderich

DEEP RELIEF® had superior results compared to other topical pain relievers.

“It really did work and also lasted longer. I found it easier to fall asleep as it truly did provide pain relief…. I will absolutely purchase this!” —Paula G., Oakville

 “DEEP RELIEF® worked well — better than others.” —Sandy C., Toronto

“I found it worked much better, providing both immediate and long-term relief.” —Joanne D., Toronto

“I did not expect the quality of the products to be so good…. I have purchased very expensive brands before that did not do as much to help.” —Rose V., Toronto

80% of testers said they would buy DEEP RELIEF® again!

A Canadian brand and trusted pain reliever for 50+ years – Available in all major retailers and, DEEP RELIEF® is a complete line of fast-acting, long-lasting, penetrating pain relievers designed to target your source of pain — and the only pain reliever endorsed by the Canadian Chiropractic Association. Discover their products at

Lidocaine by DEEP RELIEF® is a local anesthetic formulated with 4% lidocaine that’s used to numb away pain. The gel works by stopping nerves from sending pain signals to your brain.

DEEP RELIEF® Extra Strength Menthacin® Arthritis Relief Cream is a unique formula that combines menthol and capsaicin. Capsaicin reduces the feeling of pain when used repeatedly over time, while soothing menthol cools on contact and provides immediate relief of arthritis pain.

Read product labelling before use. Talk to your healthcare professional about combining a topical pain reliever with your other medications.