Chef & Nutritionist-Designed Meals for Seniors

No Shopping. No Chopping. No Pots & Pans.

Whether you’re looking to put those tasks on the backburner, or you want to ensure that your senior parents are eating right, Heart to Home Meals is here to make life easier.


Our Mission

Heart to Home Meals always delivers

• Delicious Food

• Nutritious Ingredients

• Friendly & Trusted Service

• Easy Ordering

• Senior Nutrition Expertise

At Heart to Home Meals, we believe that life should get easier as you age. With that in mind, our skilled chefs and knowledgeable nutritionists have created over 200 high-quality meals, soups and desserts designed for seniors. From hearty comfort food to healthful selections, we’ve got something for everyone, including meals suiting a wide variety of dietary needs such as Low Saturated Fat, Low Sodium, High Fibre and more.

Whatever your palate and nutritional parameters, Heart to Home Meals will deliver balanced, nutritionally optimized meals to your plate.

Travel Without Leaving Your Table

Looking to take your tastebuds on the trip of a lifetime? Don’t worry about packing your bags and updating your passport because at Heart to Home Meals, we’re going to take you on a culinary journey to all our favourite (and tastiest) destinations, ones that have influenced the fantastic flavours you’ll find in our wide array of dishes. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your fork and join us on this around-the-globe culinary adventure, and select marvellous meals from a variety of flavours, with inspiration taken from Italian, East Asian, and Indian cuisines, to name a few.

Help a Senior Parent Eat Right

If you’re a loved one who worries about their parent eating right and getting the proper nutrition, Heart to Home Meals is here for you and your family. From the senses of independence and dignity to the familiarity and happiness of being at home, we recognize the many benefits of aging in place. With that said, we provide the solutions (over 200 tasty ones!) that will make meal times easier for aging loved ones, and will allow you to stop worrying and asking, “When is the last time you ate?”

Getting Started

How do you get started? It’s simple. First, take a look at our extensive menu options either online or order your free menu here. Next, make your selections and order online or by phone, and then sit back and relax because one of our friendly, trusted team members will deliver your meals straight to your door. No hauling grocery bags, no hours of cooking, and no tiresome cleanup. That’s right…your next delicious meal is just a click away.


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