How to Get Reliable Information on Your Health Care Provider

Are you looking to switch health care providers or visit someone new for the
first time? With so much ubiquitous information available online, you might
be unsure where to start your search for reliable and trustworthy sources.

That’s where Ontario Health Regulators can help. Every Ontario health
regulator offers an online tool called the “public register” to help you find
quick facts about any regulated health professional working in Ontario.

Who are the Ontario health regulators?

Ontario Health Regulators (OHR) are the 26 colleges that oversee over
400,000 regulated health professionals in Ontario. They include doctors,
dentists, nurses, kinesiologists, massage therapists and many more.
The public registers provide you with factual and up-to-date information that
you need to empower you to make informed decisions about your
health care. For example, you won’t find any biased reviews or opinions on
the registers.

Use the public registers to find out:

• If your health professional is registered with an Ontario health

• Where they work.

• Their contact information.

• The languages they speak.

• Their professional credentials.

• Any disciplinary history.

Public registers can be called by different names.

Ontario health regulators sometimes use different names for their public
registers. For example, you might see: “Find a Professional”, “Doctor
Search”, “Member Search” and “Registry”.

Visit the Ontario Health Regulators website to find the complete list of
public registers available in Ontario.