This lovely sandwich is served at afternoon tea, as a savoury choice with more substance than the usual cucumber and cream cheese with the crusts cut off at the Milestone Hotel in London, England. The hotel, part of the Red Carnation Hotel group, sits directly across from Kensington Palace.

The Viscount Suite, with a view of Kensington Palace and Kensington Gardens.

The lounge, where guests take tea, which also features views of Kensington Palace and its gardens.

How to make the Milestone Hotel’s Chicken Sandwich

This recipe comes courtesy of Bea Tollman, the author of A Life in Food, a memoir and compendium of Mrs. Tollman’s years in the hospitality industry, and as the woman who heads up the Red Carnation Collection of hotels.




2 large chicken breasts

65gr Mayonnaise

Chopped unbleached almonds

Salt and pepper for seasoning

Thick sliced bread loaf (white or Wholemeal depending on preferences)

1. Boil chicken in a gentle simmering chicken (or beef) stock until cooked (25 minutes) and leave to rest.

2. Once cold, dice chicken in one centimetre cubes. Add seasoning and mayonnaise and leave to further chill in the fridge for the mix to set.

3. Cut bread in round shapes (six centimetres round).

4. Place the almonds in a hot oven to brown evenly, this needs to be checked constantly. Almonds brown very quickly.

5. Gather all the ingredients and start by placing an generous amount of chicken filling in the centre of the round cut slice of bread, place the second slice until filling slight over flows outside the slices.

6. Once the sandwich is ready roll in the chopped almonds, the excess overflowing filling will act as binder and allow the almonds to stay on the sandwich.