Joke of the day for December 27

The most unusual questions tourists have asked at information bureaus across the country.

**From Tourism Toronto, a toll free info and reservations line

* Why do French Canadians have a different accent from other Canadians?
* How do I apply for the Canadian Express Card?
* What’s this Boxing Day in Toronto, do you box on that day?
* I heard about that new law and I’d like to find out… uh, my girlfriend would like to know the best places to go topless in Toronto.
* Caller: How far is Boston from Toronto?
Counselor: About 900 kilometers, or 565 miles.
Caller: So if I drive using miles, it won’t take me as long to get there? Is that what you’re saying?
* Can I take the subway to Vancouver?
* Good afternoon, I’m entertaining some executives, and would like to know where they can ride llamas.
* What information do you have on Italy?

**From Check-ln Nova Scotia, the province’s toll-free information and reservations number

* Do you have automatic bank machines up there?
* Are you connected to Greenland?
* Can you tell me about the ferry from Halifax to Europe?
* Does Nova Scotia have a dress code?

** From Alberta’s Banff/Lake Louise tourist bureau

* “That’s such a lovely flag,” said a tourist admiring the Canadian flag. ‘Does it come in many colors?”
* Visitor: How far is it to Lake Louise?
Staff member: 40 miles
Visitor: How long is the trail?
Staff member: Five kilometers.
Visitor: What’s that in English?
* At which elevation do the elk change to moose?
* Can you book us baseball tickets at the SkyDome tonight? We’re driving to Toronto this afternoon.

** From the information kiosk at Niagara Falls, Ontario

* Is the water coming over the falls real?
* What time do you turn on the rainbow?
* Are the CN Tower and SkyDome within walking distance?
* From a tourist who was admiring the falls at night, when they’re lit up with various colored lights: What kind of dye do they put in the water to make it change color like that?
* How can I parachute over the falls?
* I have to be at this address in Vancouver for dinner at 5 o’clock this evening. How much time should I allow myself to drive there?
* Why do you Canadians have fireworks tonight? The 4th of July is still a few days away.
* Which way do we walk to get to Montreal? We’d like to go there for lunch.