Ireland Land of Literature, Saints, Scholars and Legends (Advertorial)

Would the real Saint Patrick please stand up?
If the island of Ireland is really the ‘Land of Saints and Scholars’ then the most famous of them all is surely Saint Patrick. Every March six million people get onto their feet to celebrate him and week-long festivals dominate the Island.

In Ireland, the legacy of Patrick and those who followed him add unique character to the landscape that is waiting to be explored. Soaring round towers and mysterious monastic remains can be found in almost every county and corner of the island.

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Irish Literature, a love affair with the word

In Ireland the word has always been revered. Indeed, the more the merrier, and better that they entertain, amuse, beguile and bewitch too. Conversation is an art form, storytelling a living, breathing part of the island’s heritage, the magical landscape an inspiration for lyrical poetry and the language infused with the rhythm and beauty of Gaelic (Irish language). All of which goes a little way to explaining why, when it comes to literature, Ireland punches so far above its weight. Find out for yourself why Dublin has been designated the fourth UNESCO City of Literature, a wonderful (and permanent) accolade that celebrates its unparalleled literary past and vibrant contemporary literary scene.

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Home of Titanic
When over 100,000 people lined Belfast Lough to wave RMS Titanic off on her maiden voyage nearly a century ago, they were cheering not just the largest moving, man-made object the world had seen but the most luxurious ship ever built. Symbolising the remarkable innovation, craftsmanship and entrepreneurship that made Harland & Wolff the world’s greatest shipbuilders and Belfast one of the world’s leading industrial cities, the Titanic was a global phenomenon. So much so that the White Star liner’s tragic sinking following a collision with an iceberg – just four days after her final stop at Queenstown (now Cobh) in Cork – was front page news around the world.

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