Say hello to Boo, the cutest dog in the world

I know what you’re thinking: ‘But my dog is the cutest dog in the world!’ It’s possible he is, but does your canine have over two million fans on Facebook? Boo does — and, unofficially at least, that means he gets to hold the title.

It all began back in 2009 when owner J. H. Lee took Boo to the groomers after an accident. His fur was completely tangled and the groomer said it’d be impossible to get a comb through it. He would have to be shaved.

As Pomeranians are known for their long, gorgeous fur, Lee was devastated and expected the worst. But when she picked him up she was actually happy with the cut and thought he looked even better that way – so Boo has continued to receive the same haircut ever since.

She posted some photos of his new ‘do’ on Facebook, and after receiving an overwhelmingly positive reaction from friends, decided to start a fan page as a joke. She never expected it to take off in such a huge way.

Boo has now been on talk shows like Good Morning America, featured in Us Weekly, talked about by celebs such as the Kardashians and Kesha, and soon there will even be a book released entitled Boo, the Life of the World’s Cutest Dog.

The book takes from his Facebook page’s narrative, showing off pictures of him doing his favorite activities like lounging around and playing with friends.

Watch Boo doing what he does best in the video below.