50 celebrities turning 50 in 2012

The big 5-0 is a significant number for the average person, but what about when you live your life in front of a camera? For these 50 musicians, comedians, and celebrities of the big and small screen, age really is just a number.

No one can say Sheryl Crow and Tom Cruise aren’t aging gracefully. At 50 years old, Marcia Cross will be a mother of two four year olds! Rosie O’Donnell will likely celebrate her 50th on her new talk show on OWN, Oprah’s network. Soon to be 50+ musicians Anthony Kiedis and Flea are still rocking stadiums around the world with their band Red Hot Chilli Peppers.

It would appear that being born in 1962 puts you in good company.

We welcome the following stars to the 50+ demographic:

Trace Adkins, Jan. 13

Jim Carrey, Jan. 17

Jennifer Jason Leigh, Feb. 5

Axl Rose, Feb. 6

Garth Brooks, Feb. 7

Sheryl Crow, Feb. 11

Lou Diamond Phillips, Feb. 17

Grant Show, Feb. 27

Jasmine Guy, March 10

Mike Rowe, March 18

Rosie O’Donnell, March 21

Marcia Cross, March 25

Matthew Broderick, March 21

Star Jones, March 24

MC Hammer, March 30

James LeGros, April 27

Emilio Estevez, May 12

Jeff Garlin, June 5

Gina Gershon, June 10

Ally Sheedy, June 13


Paula Abdul, June 19

Andre Braugher, July 1

Tom Cruise, July 3

Anthony Edwards, July 19

Eriq La Salle, July 23

Wesley Snipes, July 31

John Slattery, Aug. 13

Steve Carell, Aug. 16

Dina Lohan, Sept. 15

Cheri Oteri, Sept. 19

Rob Morrow, Sept. 21

Nia Vardalos, Sept. 24

Aida Turturro, Sept. 25

Esai Morales, Oct. 1

Joan Cusack, Oct. 11

Kelly Preston, Oct. 13

Flea, Oct. 16

Vincent Spano, Oct. 18

Bob Odenkirk, Oct. 22

Cary Elwes, Oct. 26

Daphne Zuniga, Oct. 28

Anthony Kiedis, Nov. 1

Laura San Giacomo, Nov. 14

Jodie Foster, Nov. 19

Jon Stewart, Nov. 28

Andrew McCarthy, Nov. 29

Eddie Izzard, Dec. 2

Janine Turner, Dec. 6

Felicity Huffman, Dec. 9

Ralph Fiennes, Dec. 22

Watch Sheryl Crow in action on her most recent tour:

Sources: Thirdage, Zap2it

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