12 ways to thrive in the Year of the Dragon

Speak up
Dragons aren’t afraid to give their opinion and let their voices be heard. Stive to speak up. Whether it’s at the office or at the dinner table, don’t be shy about sharing your thoughts and feelings.

Stand out
Dragons stand out from the rest. If you’ve been blending into the crowd, step forward! Don’t be afraid to be different this year.

Get into yoga
Dragons are hard workers and need activities that engage the whole self. Give yoga a try in the Year of the Dragon and get your body, mind and soul in shape.

Be a leader
Dragons are natural born leaders. Let your inner wisdom and passion guide others.

Be positive
Dragons have a positive outlook on life. Clear out the dark clouds this year and embrace optimism. With a glass-half-full attitude, there’s no telling how far you can go.

Be a good friend
Dragons make great friends who are supportive in times of need. Look at the people in your life and see where you can lend a listening ear or a helping hand.

Bring passion to your love life
Dragons love to love! Married? Keep the spark of romance alive both in and out of the bedroom. Single? This is your year to be bold in your romantic pursuits.

Do one thing that scares you
A dragon never lets fear put him in a box. Get out there and try something new. Do something exciting that’s outside of your comfort zone for radical life-changing results.

Watch your temper
With great passion comes a fiery temper, so keep your emotions in check. Learn how to take a breather when you’re getting too upset.

Make your own rules
Be your own person. Dragons don’t follow the crowd, so ditch the expectations of other people and make your own rules this year.

Boost your self-confidence
Dragons have a lot to brag about between their ambition and their accomplishments. Don’t be down on yourself. Find ways every day to build your self-esteem.

Be a giving person
Despite a reputation for being self-centered, Dragons can be big givers. Look for opportunities to give back this year. As you share your time, efforts and energy for the good of other people, you’ll see it come back to you.

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